Greetings, world.

Hello, myriads of people whom I do not know! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Aria Winslet, and I write fairy tale retellings.

Who am I beyond this? Well, I am a book geek. My bio told you that. My bio also told you that my favourite genre is fairy tale retellings, which is possibly unsurprising to you now that you know what I write. I also enjoy Christian romance and contemporary YA, but fairy tales are forever my favourite. See, I’m a hopeless romantic, and be it ever so cliché, I love Prince Charming. Even when he’s not technically a prince. Kasimir in my Hansel & Gretel retelling (which is coming out this summer, and about which you will hear more soon) is not a prince but a baker’s son.

I digress.

I am also a chocolate addict (because who isn’t?). I went through a dark chocolate phase but my ultimate love is for the sweet creaminess of milk chocolate. Milk chocolate with hazelnuts ❤

And for the record, white chocolate is fake chocolate.

Lastly, I am a chronic napper. There are simply too many things to do and not enough time, culminating in a stressed and weary Aria who falls gracefully to the sofa, asleep in seconds.

Thank you for joining me even though I am merely one more person out of million internet people whom you do not know. I hope you will return!

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