The cover for Darkling is here!!!

And it is gorgeous! My good friend Benita did an awesome job!!!

1 - Darkling (jpg)

Kasimir is the baker’s son.

Imelda is the woodcutter’s daughter.

Filling in for her arthritic father, the duo ventures into the forest to cut wood. Superstitions abound regarding the evil nature of the trees, but Kasimir is sensible; he knows superstitions are just ridiculous. Imelda thinks otherwise but she’s liked him since she was five and she trusts him (sort of).

Turns out Imelda was right this time. Because there’s definitely a witch in the wood – a witch with a crazy plan to test her new love potion recipe on Kasimir. There’s also the witch’s brother, who wants to be a knight and practises chivalry on Imelda. Oh, and don’t forget the witless talking hat.

What’s a girl to do to keep the boy she loves?

I can’t wait to see it in print oh my goodness!

2017-03-08 (1)

2 thoughts on “The cover for Darkling is here!!!

    1. Thank you!! The future covers in the series are all going to match this one, but all different colours so hopefully that will remedy the colour problem 🙂


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