Shadows of the Hersweald: Launch Day!!!

Whilst you’re waiting for Darkling, my own Hansel & Gretel retelling, read Hope Ann’s retelling of the same fairytale! Shadows of the Hersweald just released today and I can’t wait to read it. I absolutely love her books and really recommend you check them out! The first in her series – Rose of Prophecy – is free on Amazon, if you need an extra incentive to take a look. 😉

Writing in the Light

It is here!!! Shadows of the Hersweald is live and you can now buy and read it at your pleasure!


They would have to come that afternoon. Haydn glared at the rutted road twisted away from the gate beneath him, slithering into the shadows of the Harsweald. And what was the flaming idea behind leaving him in charge? Nerthach in the hands of a criminal… that would put them all in the good graces of the province governor, no questions asked.

A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows there is only one end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him.

A pardon Haydn detests.

A pardon that refuses to punish the rebels now threatening his own village. And his sister.

Guilt-ridden from his…

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