The Series

Down the Trodden Path is a series of fairy tale retellings. While many authors in this genre stick to really classic stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, and so on, I plan to include more uncommon ones. I’ll definitely have the classics, but I’m also planning on stories like Bluebeard, The Glass Mountain, The Nutcracker, and even possibly Sir Gawain and the Green Knight!

Book 1: Darkling

1 - Darkling finalDarkling is Book 1 of the series, a Hansel and Gretel retelling. Kasimir and Imelda are my heroes, but because of the (mandatory? mandatory.) romance, they are best friends instead of brother and sister. Imelda’s excessive caution and Kasimir’s wit make a hilarious duo. I’ll be posting character interviews and snippets eventually, so follow my blog to receive those updates!

Synopsis: Kasimir is the baker’s son, practical to a fault but willing to do anything for Imelda.

The aforementioned Imelda is the woodcutter’s daughter, a bit of a worrier but madly in love with Kasimir.

On a dark and stormy night the duo ventures into the witch-wood. Superstitions abound regarding the evil nature of the forest, but Kasimir knows superstitions are just ridiculous. Imelda thinks otherwise but she’s loved him since she was ten and she trusts him (sort of).

Turns out Imelda was right this time. Because there’s definitely a witch in the wood – a witch with a plan to test her new love potion recipe on Kasimir. There’s also the witch’s brother, who wants to be a knight and practises chivalry on Imelda. Oh, and don’t forget the witless talking hat.

What’s a girl to do to keep the boy she loves?

Book 2: Hidden

Hidden is going to be a Beauty and the Beast story. No information is currently available since this instalment is as yet an unwritten masterpiece. Stay tuned!